Monthly Archive: September, 2010


As seen on the walls of the Umbro design studio/creative space/soon-to-be-store, Dale Street NQ. Generous hosts of September’s MancBlogMeet.

Things I’ve Enjoyed: 30 Sept

Dog whisperers, Olympic predictions, Nick Hormby music & Glasgow School of Art


The last days of the fingerless gloves

No Internet, So Back to Dark Ages

The Internet was off for two hours this morning, no emails, no Tweetdeck, no nothing. So this is what happens in a media company: the sales guys say they can’t find and research… Continue reading

Desperately Seeking C-3P0

Cambridge Street, off Whitworth. Keeping his head down; Tusken Raiders about.

Copywriting Class

Sex Shop, Tib Street, NQ. Notice the use of ‘Dinner’, not ‘Lunch’.

Local TV Doesn’t Need Government Prompts

Hyperlocal and curated content will go beyond bog-standard TV

The New Office

60s design classic

Story By Numbers

Formulaic Journalism

Ivory Towers/Glass Skyscrapers

Labour conference: Security overkill, road closures & interviews from above