Monthly Archive: September, 2010

View From The Top

Down to Wastwater

Wisdom From a Leeds Car Park

A good way to remember which floor you parked on

The Trouble With Conferences

Live events need to slash prices or become more compelling

Things I’ve Enjoyed: 23 Sept

Breakfast, content provision, Mexican drug lords & driving skill

Tomorrow’s Newspaper

How we might buy and read online content

How Do You Pitch a New TV Idea?

Could MacDonalds branch managers do public sector management roles, for half the price

Harvest Festival

Great Carrots

Key Messages To Replace Security Codes

Interesting to see how this idea develops. A media agency in the US is replacing CAPTCHA security codes with advertiser slogans. The idea is, instead of a garbled piece of nonsense you have… Continue reading


Paint Idol

Job of the Day

40 floors up