Monthly Archive: October, 2010

City Icons, Made Graphic

One of a series, from the Paris vs New York blog. Manchester equivalents?

Airbnb, Starbucks Digi-Grab, and Why Ideas Spread

1. Not stayed at any of their listings, yet, but will do. No question. Love Airbnb. Brooklyn Heights for £85 a night, Berlin (with bikes, pictured above) for £28, Paris for £36. 2.… Continue reading

Twain Goodness

Cross St Chapel (Unitarian). Nice leading, too.

The Basement Stairs Bleed Custard

Building maintenance, Pall Mall Court

Manoeuvrement & Other Changes to the Language

One to see when next in London. A new exhibition at the British Library (5mins from Euston) charts the evolution of the English language. Apparently young people now say ‘haitch’ not ‘aitch’, say… Continue reading

How Climbers Pay The Bills

2 floors up, outside the office, King Street.

Viz Hijacks Indie Quotes

The Independent is using celebrity puff quotes to shill its new paper, i (crap name, btw). They read like something outta Viz. Noel Gallagher Musician: ‘It’s a top idea to have a paper… Continue reading

Sweet FA Connections

ITV close to signing a move to MediaCityUK, say the papers. Adam Crozier, former chief exec of the FA, now chief exec of ITV, is driving the move. Paul Newman, former communications chief… Continue reading

Saville & Wilson: One Last Time

Anthony H Wilson’s headstone, as designed by Peter Saville and Ben Kelly (plus Paul Barnes and Matt Robertson), Southern Cemetery, Chorlton. Three years after the fact, and beautiful. Design & content details at… Continue reading

Fire Test Excitement

Every day, somewhere in the UK, office workers are obediently filing out to observe the annual Fire Alarm Drill. For many, it is a chance to use the stairs for the first time;… Continue reading