Monthly Archive: January, 2011

Olympic Kebabs

Easas, Wilbraham Road, Chorlton. New kebab shop making some early running in the race to find the most shameless rip-off of the London 2012 logo.

Tough, Tough Guy

Got my Tough Guy medal. Finished faster than some, slower than plenty, but I finished. Just in front of a guy wearing a bra & suspenders; spent the next hour shivering, delirious and… Continue reading

China Church

As seen at Isinglass, Urmston. Nice lunch with the sun streaming through the window.

Journos Gone Bad

            Not sure if we’ll ever get the full details of phone tapping at the News of the World; how widespread it was, and whether management gave it… Continue reading

Cockney Banker

A friend shot this ATM in London (near Spitalfields, in the near East). Some of the language is a bit clunky, but full marks for trying to add some levity to bank transactions,… Continue reading

Caught, Sacked

Andy Gray sacked for getting caught. He must have felt comfortable discussing with colleagues his opinions of women in football, believing himself to be a) right b) untouchable c) off-air. He wasn’t. His… Continue reading

Watch, Read, Hear, Experience: Tips

  Watch: Six Minutes of Madness, Istanbul, May 2005 Read: A Fraction of the Whole, by Steve Toltz. Hear: I’m Losing You, The Faces. Loud, turn the knob to 11, etc. Experience: A… Continue reading

Tanzanian Bottle Tops

From the post-Kili climb feast, December 2008

2010 in Pictures, Belatedly

Snowman in Chorlton; Steps at the Baltic, Newcastle; dead Chrysanthemums at Lyme Park; daffs at Longford Park; fox in the garden; mask in Mojacar, Spain; rose at Abbotsbury, Dorset; beach art, Weymouth; Wastwater,… Continue reading

Flat Service

I like the Michel Roux TV character. He comes across as intelligent, kind and no more sentimental than necessary. I’d like to have him round the dinner; I’d like to have him cook… Continue reading