Monthly Archive: February, 2011

Northern Soho

Northern Soho, at Barcelona, Hilton Street, on the last Thursday of the month. Come for the creatives networking; leave with a cake pop (courtesy of Lollicakes).

Kiddie Rocker

One minute of rocking, some flashing lights, possibly a steering wheel/helm, music, a little honking. Worth 50p a go? There are three such Kiddie Rocking machines within 200m in Chorlton, all stood silent… Continue reading

Bright Side

Been enjoying Michael Sandel’s series, Justice – A Citizen’s Guide, on BBC4. 30 minutes of moral philosophy from Harvard (with perhaps the most multicultural audience this side of a Benetton casting session). Sandel… Continue reading

Start The Week

1. Jonny Depp as Tonto. Or, should a white guy play a Native American? By Mark Lawson in The Guardian. 2. Michael Lewis has covered the meltdowns in Greece and Iceland for Vanity… Continue reading


By Valérie Maugeri, c/o The One, Dubai, now in the living room. At what point in their career do artists decide to sell a diffusion range via furniture/lifestyle retailers? Is this professional advice… Continue reading

Check Flush Protocol

Well, a couple of other things, surely?

Trade Off

What price democracy? In the UAE, a vote-free monarchy approx 200 miles from the rioting in Bahrain, citizens are given free medical cover, subsidised water and electricity, they can apply for a £10,000… Continue reading

What Home Soil Advantage?

Staggered to learn the home countries produced only three winners in the nine series of Going for Gold, despite the TV quiz being conducted in English and filmed in either Elstree or Manchester.… Continue reading

Cojones on Barlow

Inflation’s up, jobless figures are up, interest rates are soon to go up, and consumer confidence is low low low. And still people throw themselves into new business ventures. The parade on Barlow… Continue reading

Big Ted

Old Corn Mill Antiques, Bretherton. Good for glass door knobs, coat racks, chandeliers, old dolls and fine furniture. And loads more, the place is heaving with stuff. The Grapes in nearby Croston does… Continue reading