Monthly Archive: March, 2011

Space Saver Tyres

Perfect for making cars look silly. Could they not be fitted to cars owned by drivers with points for speeding?

Longform Best-of, Picnic Butler, Green Ikea, FB Threat, & Costume Drama

1. Regularly updated Instapaper best-of: Give Me Something To Read 2. Picnic Butler Service, for Amsterdam Park, via Springwise 3. Brands Steering Everything Social Through Facebook Will do Themselves More Harm Than Good.… Continue reading

Trafford Water Park

At 9.30am: one dog walker, two sailors and a heron.

FA Cup Suggestions

The Cricket World Cup is coming to an end. Four years ago, in the West Indies, it was slated as dull and drawn out; this time, the verdict so far is more positive.… Continue reading

Collective Nouns

A suction of Dysons, Warner Street Arcade, Accrington.


It’s no Northwest Passage, but this back ginnel has just knocked 90 seconds of my walk to Tesco/Rileys. And it’s only taken 18 months to discover it.

Bike Tracks

This morning’s bike blast – the sun coming up, not a breath of wind, and the Mersey all to myself, was soundtracked by: The Contours, Just A Little Misunderstanding Frank Wilson, Do I… Continue reading

You’ve Been Framed

No seat, wheels, pedals, mud guards, reflectors, brakes, light fittings or cables. Presumably the stickers aren’t worth having.

Welly Dog

A dog made of Wellington boots, Chorlton.

Wythenshawe Hall

‘Take a look while you can,’ says the woman in the mobility scooter, towing a black Lab, ‘English Heritage says they don’t have any money left to care for it, so it’ll be… Continue reading