Monthly Archive: January, 2012

The Undelighted Traveller

‘Dear Mum, I wouldn’t go to Jeddah again if you paid me. It’s a shithole. The landmarks are roundabouts, the roads are full of holes.’ The opposite of the travellers’ delight experienced in… Continue reading

Aldi Looky-Likeys

I don’t know how they get away with it. More here.  

Poking at Pinterest

Not yet got to grips with Pinterest, but I do like the Men’s Apparel section for ideas (above). Shame there’s not a link to purchase options, but it does introduce new tumblrs: Schmegga… Continue reading

No Chinese Surprises

Very much enjoyed listening to the Mr Daisey and the Apple Factory episode on This American Life. Learned a lot, or maybe I didn’t. As Mr Daisey points out maybe it just confirmed… Continue reading

Terry’s Chocolate

Today, Terry at work bought a Kit Kat Chunky for his elevenses. It was solid chocolate, no biscuit. After a bit of cajoling he rang the Customer Hotline, not so much to complain… Continue reading

The Duck

Back to work following a stay at the Drunken Duck, near Ambleside (Grasmere pictured, above). I love this place, particularly the Sunday night deals which leave you with the best of the Lakes,… Continue reading

Kodak: ‘the Google of its Day’

Enjoyed this article from the Economist: Kodak’s demise in the face of digital photography. As the Fujifilm experience shows, it wasn’t inevitable. By 1976 Kodak accounted for 90% of film and 85% of… Continue reading

More Super in Supermarket

Check-in Recipe is an app. It sends users a new recipe once they ‘check-in’ (via Foursquare) at a supermarket. The idea is that users enjoy a greater variety of food, they eat better,… Continue reading

A Better Manchester Marathon

Decent Marathon training run this morning past some Manchester landmarks (Old Trafford cricket & football grounds, Kellogg’s, Stretford Mall). Given that the first part of the race follows the same route (including the… Continue reading

Ticking Off Those Resolutions

New cordial. Check. From previous.