Monthly Archive: March, 2012

Dog Found…

…by someone with an interest in typography. Nice kerning, too. In Chorlton Green


Dinner at the House of Commons last night, courtesy of HP. Forget the MPs, what a wonderful place. Food not bad either.

Little League for Kids Football

Why is there no Little League equivalent for kids football in England? A reputable umbrella organisation for kids football, with links to tournaments, players, coaching, coaches – with a outlook that is child-… Continue reading

Artful Retraction

You make a mistake, you get duped. Apologise quickly and wholeheartedly, and move on. Nice work from This American Life in retracting a a recent Apple-related story (one I’d enjoyed). Press release on… Continue reading

Minimal Lego Ads

Guess the TV characters? Great idea, one to inspire DIY entries.

Six Tea Towels

Not 60 towels. From the V&A shop, tied in with this summer’s post-war British Design exhibition. £5 each, candidates for framing. Pics & pegs, c/o the Guardian.

Manchester Panorama

Drawings of Manchester from City Tower, scanned, digitised, scaled-up and coloured, by Neil Dimelow. Love them all. To be viewed at Mall under City Tower, from March 23, with prints available to buy.

Good Coffee, Clerkenwell

At St Ali

Vintage Istanbul

Taken in the gardens of the Blue Mosque, Istanbul, 2007, on a press trip with Samsung. The reason I couldn’t fit the car’s nose and tail into the shot was because I leaning… Continue reading