Lipstick on a Pig

Bike paths, waste of good paint

Why I’ll be Spending Sunday Afternoon on the Couch

Training for Tough Guy

My First Loaf

Sunday morning bread making

CUBE, and the Exchange of Old Rope for Money

Perfect gallery; lazy idea

From the Archives: Design, Engagement & Failure

Jim Stengel interview from 2006

Things I’ve Enjoyed Reading: Thurs 9 Sept

Stuff that stopped me

Thoughts on The Impact of Mobile Video Calling

FaceTime gets a warm reception at Social Media Manchester

Avoid Mentioning Price

Website? Check. Distinctive, modern corporate identity? Check. Decent corner location in CBD? Check. Professional look/indie feel? Check. I want to like Detoxretox (Mosley Street), but it’s a struggle. I’ve heard good things from… Continue reading

Good Looking

Photoblogs I like

Profit-making Local News Media: A Success Story

Community-targeted print media makes Inc 5000 fastest growing business list