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Olympic Ads


Minimal Lego Ads

Guess the TV characters? Great idea, one to inspire DIY entries.

Paint Your Bingo Hall

Longford Cinema/Stretford Essoldo/Rank Bingo. Or the unpainted Art Deco hulk opposite Streford Mall on Chester Road. It’s been closed since 1995. It’s a Grade II listed building and was partly replastered last year,… Continue reading

Northern Soho

Northern Soho, at Barcelona, Hilton Street, on the last Thursday of the month. Come for the creatives networking; leave with a cake pop (courtesy of Lollicakes).

No Animal Magic

The ‘monkeys/complete works of Shakespeare’ idea was an ad looking for a client. Doesn’t work for Costa because I can’t believe your average Costa barista has spent a lifetime learning their craft. A… Continue reading

Copywriting Class

Sex Shop, Tib Street, NQ. Notice the use of ‘Dinner’, not ‘Lunch’.

Key Messages To Replace Security Codes

Interesting to see how this idea develops. A media agency in the US is replacing CAPTCHA security codes with advertiser slogans. The idea is, instead of a garbled piece of nonsense you have… Continue reading

Honesty in Advertising

Chorlton Market, Saturday 18 September

Heavenly Copywriting

Fine Church ads

Umbrella Magazine

The launch of an online-only men’s magazine