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Tightly Curated

From the recent Intelligent Life: The internet makes information billionaires out of all of us, and the architects of our online experiences are catching on to the need to make things creatively difficult.… Continue reading

Mr. Anti-Avarice, Fighting Greed

I think the best term for many people’s unease with the workings of the global economy is not anti-capitalist, but anti-avarice. Howard Cooper is the antidote to greedy bankers. After a lifetime of… Continue reading

Crazy Busy

From the New York Times Opinionator, with a hat tip to Slate Culture Gabfest: Notice it isn’t generally people pulling back-to-back shifts in the I.C.U. or commuting by bus to three minimum-wage jobs… Continue reading

Kickstarter UK

Kickstarter, the funding platform for creative projects, is coming to the UK, says Fast Company, picking up this tweet. Pic above, from I Am Not A Virgin, a fashion project out of NYC,… Continue reading

Bespoke, On-Demand Magazine Publishing

                        A publishing idea: online readers ‘save’ longform articles to be printed as a bespoke, on-demand magazine. Magcloud will print 32 pages… Continue reading

Finding Value Beyond Sepia Snapshots

Never really got into Instagram (the CrossProcess app does quite enough for me), so someone stumping up $1 million to buy it would have looked like a lot of money. $1 billion is… Continue reading

Kip Flighty: a Conference Idea for Manchester

  An annual three-day ideas camp featuring 50 bright-but-normal people, in Manchester, name of Kip Flighty. Mornings spent coming up with practical solutions to local problems. No formal lunch, but food supplied. Afternoon… Continue reading

No Chinese Surprises

Very much enjoyed listening to the Mr Daisey and the Apple Factory episode on This American Life. Learned a lot, or maybe I didn’t. As Mr Daisey points out maybe it just confirmed… Continue reading

Kodak: ‘the Google of its Day’

Enjoyed this article from the Economist: Kodak’s demise in the face of digital photography. As the Fujifilm experience shows, it wasn’t inevitable. By 1976 Kodak accounted for 90% of film and 85% of… Continue reading

Kiddie Rocker

One minute of rocking, some flashing lights, possibly a steering wheel/helm, music, a little honking. Worth 50p a go? There are three such Kiddie Rocking machines within 200m in Chorlton, all stood silent… Continue reading