Umbrella Magazine

Upfront, I’m only aware of this because a friend is working on it and he mailed me the link – but it’s exactly my demographic, so maybe I’d have come across it myself. Umbrella Magazine is a new, online-only quarterly aimed at ‘post-internet men’, according to the blurb. It claims to be ‘cool, but not aloof; funny, but not daft; sharp, but not pretentious’.

First impressions, flicked through via issuu last night, I like it. One key differentiator: there’s no nude Hollyoaks/Big Brother girls – or maybe issue 1 couldn’t afford the shoot. To use horrible marketing shorthand, it’s the love child of Loaded and the Economist’s Intelligent Life. This is a good thing.

Not sure how they’ll make money, or if I can be kept engaged through the quarterly publishing schedule, but online strips out costs and should create a tight advertising message. There’s an iPad app coming, they’re already pushing Facebook and Twitter, and aren’t spending pots of cash on atl advertising, so they’re serious about a non-print future. Good luck to them.

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