Lessons from Serviced Offices

I spent the morning visiting serviced offices around town, all within, what agents might term, the Central Business District. This what I learnt:

Offices on King Street that were charging £500+ per desk per month 12 months ago are now happy to take £210. They’ll let you sign up for three months, and promise a maximum rate increase of 3 per cent should you extend.

The Easyoffices building on George Street has very thin walls.

It costs more to park your car at the Easyoffices (£45 per week) than to rent a desk and a phone line (£35 per week).

The Regus offices at Peter House have lovely views (above) and a very nice business lounge on the first floor (iMacs, Twinings tea, leather sofas, private work ‘pods’). The reception has a not-unpleasant smell of food, but the lifts are slooooooooow.

Old school thinking says list all your tenants on a board at reception; new school says leave the reception unbranded so visitors don’t think you’re working out of a serviced office.

There are lots of ‘English language Colleges’ seeking office space, not many business start-ups.

Nothing says ‘business’ more clearly than a pristine copy of the Financial Times in the lobby and CNN on the flatscreen (sound turned down).

Hiring a meeting room costs between £10-20 per hour. Most top-end offices lay on free tea and coffee, so it could work out cheaper than a trip to Caffè Nero.


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