Profit-making Local News Media: A Success Story

The local news business has struggled of late. There is no shortage of means to spread local news (Twitter & blogs make for immediate reporting between the weekly print drop), but media owners are finding it tough to make coin. Ebay and GumTree are eating into the classifieds, dedicated job sites are taking recruitment.

So it is heartening to see Community Impact Newspaper in Inc magazine’s annual list of 5000 fastest growing businesses in the US. CIN, ‘Texas’ most widely distributed news source at the community level’, started by John P. Garrett in 2005 with a loan of $40,000, now employees more than 60 people off a turnover of $6m. It serves eight communities around Houston and Austin, reporting on local government and development news. In print, as well as online.

Congratulations to CIN. It will be interesting to see if its methods are picked up by MEN Media, with its 22 weekly papers, and whether InsidetheM60 (which has done some ace work around the General Election and Council meetings) fancies making the leap to print from online.


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