Avoid Mentioning Price

Website? Check. Distinctive, modern corporate identity? Check. Decent corner location in CBD? Check. Professional look/indie feel? Check.

I want to like Detoxretox (Mosley Street), but it’s a struggle. I’ve heard good things from people who’ve eaten there, but when they advertise afternoon tea/coffee & cake from 2pm, and you find they only have one cake (a sad looking, fruit cupcake), it’s off to Caffè Nero.

Opened earlier this year, I’ve never been sure what the ‘food for your mood’ strap meant. It’s never looked particularly busy. The recent ‘£1 sandwiches’ and ‘£2 coffee and breakfast bun’ offers suggest they’re trading on price, not reputation. I wish them well, but already there is smell of failure about the place.

I’m not whether anyone should read much into Twitter activity, but Detoxretox has just 54 followers and has made 19 tweets. North Tea Power, in the Northern Quarter, and with a much more focused brand message, has 515 off 938 tweets. The latter seems to be building a community of fans/customers; price is secondary.


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