Things I’ve Enjoyed Reading: Thurs 9 Sept

1. What a life. Quincy Jones’ interview in the Guardian:

When a beautiful blonde teenager practically sits down on top of him, it turns out to be one of his daughters, Kenya. “Nastassja Kinski’s her mother,” he says. Along with celebrities, the other constant in his life has been stunning women. “You think I’m gonna like ugly ones?” he says.

2. Enjoyed Michael Lewis’ lengthy article on Greece’s financial meltdown, in Vanity Fair. Some great quotes, lively anecdotes and killer stats:

The national railroad has annual revenues of 100 million euros against an annual wage bill of 400 million, plus 300 million euros in other expenses. The average state railroad employee earns 65,000 euros a year. Twenty years ago a successful businessman turned minister of finance named Stefanos Manos pointed out that it would be cheaper to put all Greece’s rail passengers into taxicabs: it’s still true.

3. Spending time looking at, a new subscription email newsletter, billed a “a new, premium alternative” to blogs. Via Springwise.

4. Wondering whether the rural idyll could work, and whether this is the place. Growing your own veg, working from home, ground source heat pumps, Sky +, chickens, etc.

5. On Inc’s 5000 fastest growing business list, and with a London edition, could Thrillist work up here? And are ManCon the people to do it?


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