CUBE, and the Exchange of Old Rope for Money

Stopped off at CUBE (Portland Street) last night on way home from work. No biggie: late night opening, happened to be passing, it’s free entry. The gallery was empty, or so it appeared. Bare walls, no sculptures, no installations. We we’re told to go downstairs, watch a video, all would be explained

The video took an age to get to the obvious punchline: the bare walls were the exhibition!

Artist Christian Jankowski (a ‘known media manipulator’, according the blurb, probably his own) wanted to create the perfect gallery. Farrow & Ball had even made up a special off-white just for him. For the first time we could concentrate on the architecture of the space.

I don’t want to come across as all Daily Mail, but this is horseshit. I’ve visited CUBE in the past and was perfectly able to note the architecture (stockbroker’s warehouse bachelor-pad); I spent two months stripping back and redecorating a house. I know what white walls and bare floors look like.

Farrow & Ball’s off-white was nice, mind. If they were more commercially minded they could have sold sample pots at the door.


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