Moments, Not Films

The film critic Roger Ebert would definitely be in my All Time Top 5 Rogers (Federer, Clark, Ramjet & my brother). Loved this Esquire interview with him earlier this year and enjoyed his 100 Great Film Moments list. First up, it reminded me there’s so many great films I’ve yet to see; secondly, some personal favourites were missing. In terms of moments, not films, here’s five:

  • Dom DeLuise sliding back the van door to reveal the doctor in Cannonball Run
  • Jack Nicholson and the dog chews in his pocket, As Good As It Gets
  • Han Solo knocking out the TIE fighters and giving Luke a clear run at the Death Star: ‘You’re all clear kid, now let’s blow this thing and go home.’
  • Danny Glick knocking on the window, Salem’s Lot
  • Jack Lemmon fussing over Walter Matthau’s poker school, The Odd Couple

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