Social Media Snippets

September’s Social Media Surgery last night, at Innospace. Six panellists, one knowledgeable transcriber, nine in the audience. Subject: Combining Twitter With Blogging. Here are seven messages I left with:

  1. Don’t allow the CEO to have a Twitter account unless he can be as good as the best twittering CEOs. See Phil Jones at Brother (@philjones40)
  2. Tweet for news, blog for reviews
  3. Use different voices for different functions: your personal Twitter should be for social networking; the corporate Twitter is for social marketing
  4. Always reply, always be personable
  5. Corporations need Twitter guidelines: you wouldn’t swear in a print ad, why allow swearing on your Twitter feed. If you’re employing an agency, check they walk the walk
  6. Name changing will be big business in 10 years time. Too many individuals have left too many embarrassing trails online
  7. Your corporate Twitter & blogging can be done in 10 minutes per day

Notes from the live blog can be found here.


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