Good Stuff: Thurs 16 Sept

1. The always-excellent Trendwatching is never shy in coining new jargon. It has a new one: maturialism. Hard core, super real brand experiences, and it has plenty of examples.

“People have grown up immersed in consumer culture – they ‘get’ it. But as savvy, streetwise consumers, they are bored, if not downright distrustful of the conventional consumer-producer relationship, and now look for brands and products that are more authentic, more human, and quite simply more mature.”

2. When the Icelandic ash cloud delayed international flights, stranded writers/designers/creatives got busy. Brought together online, they’ve since created an 88-page magazine to celebrate the event. It’s called Stranded and looks very nice. You can order it here.

3. Giving real items an online back story: not sure how this might develop, but there are enough Bright Young Things experimenting with it so it’s bound to mainstream soon enough. Here and here for more, including tennis racquets that update performance data. The bookmarkable food52 site is also dabbling.

4. Thought about registering my house as a location for shoots. Had a nosey around Location Works (pic above), and slunk away with my tail between my legs, domestically-speaking. Warning: you could lose hours on here.

5. How to set up and run a spoof Twitter account, and how to deal with it if you’re the affected party. Interview with the bloke behind @bpglobalpr, plus analysis of the trending as the Gulf Oil Spill unfolded, and more. Amusing/worrying.


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