Key Messages To Replace Security Codes

Interesting to see how this idea develops. A media agency in the US is replacing CAPTCHA security codes with advertiser slogans. The idea is, instead of a garbled piece of nonsense you have to write, and focus on, a key brand message. Toyota is on board.

“If you write something down, you remember it,” says the media guy.

This is not a wholly new idea (asking readers to find a competition answer within a heavily corporate bit of fluff uses much the same trick), but it could prove useful for online publishers. Readers can view an article intro for free, but they need to input a code to view the entire piece. The advertiser aligns with compelling content; the media owner maybe gets something for content he’s previously been giving away for free.

Downside: typing in security codes bugs me; ad messages might be even more annoying. As ever, the trick will be making this engaging.


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