How Do You Pitch a New TV Idea?

Craigavon Borough Council wants to recruit a Director of Leisure Services. It claims to have “an impressive range of sport and leisure facilities, parks and nature reserves, museums and historic buildings and has committed to a major investment project in Leisure Centre provision”.

The Council provides services to 86,000 people and it is prepared to pay its new Leisure Services bod £66,000 a year. No doubt he or she will be able to leave early on a Friday, too.

I don’t mean to single out Craigavon or Leisure Services directors (there are loads more public sector jobs advertisers here), but isn’t this rather a lot of money?

Given two weeks training and the support of colleagues, couldn’t the manager of a MacDonalds do this job for half the price? Serious. They’ll be familiar with corporate guidelines, targets, staff development, customer services and delivery. They also have performance targets and understand that they’ll be out if they don’t hit them. I’m not sure that’s always the case in the public sector.

This is a TV show waiting to happen. Part Fairy Jobmother, part In At The Deep End, part Back To The Floor. Get to it Channel 4.

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