Ivory Towers/Glass Skyscrapers

For a party that is hoping to be re-elected in five years time, up against a nasty Coalition that promises cutscutscuts, you’d think they’d try to be a bit more populist. Labour are in town and roads are closed, Manchester Central sealed off and there are scores of police on the streets. Major cost and inconvenience.

Overkill? The entire conference could fall down a crack in the Earth and I suspect the UK would still be able to function. But the lock down must serve a purpose: it tells us Her Majesty’s Opposition is important enough to require protection, and that the police do a good job – so please don’t cut their budgets.

With ‘tough decisions’ (copyright: every politician) on public spending ahead, a little humility might not go amiss.

Yesterday morning, Labour’s newly elected leader Ed Miliband was interviewed by Andrew Marr in a suite at the Hilton, 20 floors above the people of Manchester. The symbolism is obvious.


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