No Internet, So Back to Dark Ages

The Internet was off for two hours this morning, no emails, no Tweetdeck, no nothing. So this is what happens in a media company: the sales guys say they can’t find and research leads, editorial says it can’t research stories or follow up press releases.

Pre-Internet, sales would have a Rolodex of contacts, with scribbled notes of previous conversation; editorial would have a contacts book, with direct lines, home phone numbers and the names of relevant PAs. Both teams would have lists of current stories/ad spend from rival media, and they’d have prepped the day’s call sheet the night previous.

Not these days, not this office. Here, there’s been five minutes tugging at cables, a 30 second call from the building manager saying ‘there is a server problem in London’, then 10 minutes talking about soup recipes. Every now and then someone will say ‘is it on yet?’

It is now.


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