Airbnb, Starbucks Digi-Grab, and Why Ideas Spread

1. Not stayed at any of their listings, yet, but will do. No question. Love Airbnb. Brooklyn Heights for £85 a night, Berlin (with bikes, pictured above) for £28, Paris for £36.

2. ‘Because I’m lonely and sharing an idea solves that problem, at least for a while.’ Seth Godin provides 19 more reasons why we spread ideas.

3. NYC Rubber Stamps: one for the Visit Manchester shop.

4. Starbucks Digital Network: how rosy is this walled garden, Brand Autopsy asks? Verdict: Starbucks is ‘falling victim to a proven failed strategy of trying to monetize its customers in ways unrelated to coffee’.

5. Correcting the Near-Sightedness of Media: apply a ‘social layer’, says Endless Innovation. But will this be the job of the media owner, or a specialist supplier? And at what risk to the brand?

Manoeuvrement & Other Changes to the Language

One to see when next in London. A new exhibition at the British Library (5mins from Euston) charts the evolution of the English language. Apparently young people now say ‘haitch’ not ‘aitch’, say the Beeb. The Victorians pronounced hospital and herb as ‘ospital and ‘erb. Things move on.

There will be a list of words with multiple pronunciation options: garage, mischievous, schedule, harass. Visitors will be asked to read and record the opening paragraphs to Mr Tickle to track vowel sounds.

After last night’s Apprentice, we can add ‘manoeurvrement’ to the new list.