Whitening Twitter

Social Media Manchester last night, and a lively talk from Tom Mason of Delineo on personal Twitter messages and employer conflict. The basic premise was ‘don’t slag off your boss/company; don’t boast about behaviour that might embarrass the business’. Obvious really.

The more interesting stuff concerned how far back an employer was likely to trawl to check potential new recruits haven’t erred online. Will today’s Tweets come back to haunt job hunters in 10 years time? Or will employers agree that damaging Tweets expire after, say, three years? Unlikely.

Increasingly, employers may view your Twitter feed as a live CV, searching for positive messages and stirring behaviour? But surely that only counts when the messages are unguarded. If we’re all watching our Ps & Qs, where’s the value? Expect to see a rise in the number of businesses offering profile optimisation for individuals (kind of a teeth whitening quick-fix for your online soul).

This link-heavy piece from the Citypress blog has more.


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