Enjoyed: 7 Oct.

1. Helene wants company. She looks after her 86-year-old mum, has a cleaner and wants someone to join her for a month or more at her house in Costa Rica (the view from the terrace, above). Not sure what the deal is. For those with an urge to get out of the UK, more housesitting offers here.

2. How to Enjoy Your Family, How to Find a Job You Love, How to Read, How to Realise Your Potential. Helpful lessons, classes and weekend sermons at the School of Life.

3. The Best of New York’s food trucks, including Top Trumps-style graphics. There all year, not just during Festival week (Manchester, take note). Or for home cooking, the excellent Tastespotting, Serious Eats and Tasteologie.

4. ’20ltd is an online shop offering exclusive, super rare limited edition design pieces and fine art photography. All items are created in very low numbers and will never be produced again.’ Making it the perfect place for a Lamborghini Rowing Machine, Buffalo Horn Sunglasses, Black Fibreglass Sailing Canoe and Tartan & Silk Herringbone Scarves.

5. Twitter founder steps aside to let in a new CEO. The Economist gets Biblical on his ass.


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