The iPad’s Impact on Storytelling

The New Yorker launches an iPad app. When the device works so well with visuals, how might this impact a magazine known for its long-form writing?

The challenges of marrying technology with a magazine so singularly focused on journalism in its simplest form crystallized early in the development process. At one meeting, writer Roger Angell, who has been a contributor since 1944, expressed concern that if he were to craft a description of how a screwball is thrown by a baseball pitcher he didn’t want readers to be able to press a button mid-article and watch a video.

So journalists need to learn how best to work in the hyperlinks, audio, video and slideshows, and when to keep things simple. How do written descriptors work when there are visuals to support?

Expect to see more multimedia specialists supplying content. Audio slideshows, short video, grassroots audio & image libraries. MediaStorm is a good one. As are the previously mentioned Pictory and FiftyPeopleOneQuestion. Where the NW suppliers?


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