Enjoyed: 13 Oct.

1. Mute. Great photoblog from a guy called Miles. Link rich, plenty o’ comments and full of tech details. Pictures available to buy. Sunset pic (above) is a ‘vertorama’ – two images stacked vertically and merged to make a taller one. The lower image is generally exposed for the foreground and the upper one for the sky.

2. This week’s best coffee and cupcake: An Outlet, near Piccadilly.

3. Tracing a fashion item’s provenance. For now, a niche marketing gimmick, but will Clothes Miles become as important as Food Miles?

4. Making Waves. 57ft narrow boat, reduced to £48K. Corner bath, heated towel rail, solid fuel stove, sleeps 4. You should budget to spend around £3,750 on annual upkeep and mooring. There are 2,000 miles of canals in the UK.

5. Seth Godin on pro-business policy: ‘Capital is selfish and it often seeks the highest possible short-term results. But capital isn’t driving our economy any longer, innovation by unique people is.’

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