Not (Yet) Seen In Town

1. Peyton & Byrne. Superior tea & coffee – and Chelsea Buns, in classy London locations (British Library, Wellcome Collection, British Museum). We not classy enough?

2. Canteen. Great British Food, Habitat style, impeccable typography.

3. Muji. Was here, now a shop-in-shop in Traff Selfs.

4. Cos. Several in London, plus Glasgow & Birmingham. Like Muji, has a shop-in-shop in Traff Selfs.

5. Izzue. Ace Hong Kong fashion retailer, now with 80 stores worldwide, nearest one is in France.

6. More Café. Favourite of Dubai’s Yummy Mummies and recovering Emirates cabin crew. No booze, but excellent all-you-can-eat Brunch.

7. Country Road. Australian Banana Republic.

8. Uniqlo. Japanese Gap, cheaper & quirkier.

9. Jack Wills: Abercrombie & Fitch with an English twist. Found in Bath & Harrogate; too posh for Mancs?

10. Whole Foods Market. Loads in America, five in London. Unicorn-killer.



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