Airbnb, Starbucks Digi-Grab, and Why Ideas Spread

1. Not stayed at any of their listings, yet, but will do. No question. Love Airbnb. Brooklyn Heights for £85 a night, Berlin (with bikes, pictured above) for £28, Paris for £36.

2. ‘Because I’m lonely and sharing an idea solves that problem, at least for a while.’ Seth Godin provides 19 more reasons why we spread ideas.

3. NYC Rubber Stamps: one for the Visit Manchester shop.

4. Starbucks Digital Network: how rosy is this walled garden, Brand Autopsy asks? Verdict: Starbucks is ‘falling victim to a proven failed strategy of trying to monetize its customers in ways unrelated to coffee’.

5. Correcting the Near-Sightedness of Media: apply a ‘social layer’, says Endless Innovation. But will this be the job of the media owner, or a specialist supplier? And at what risk to the brand?


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