Middling England

England are beaten at football in a friendly. Worse, they are outplayed. Fans and press go bonkers.

What’s the problem? Is the football press suggesting England should never be beaten, or that we should never be outplayed? The fact is, when England play the better teams (France, Germany, Spain, Brazil, etc) they are beaten. Style-wise, they don’t look too good either.

The assumption is that something is wrong, that there is a fault that should be fixed. It is somehow not right that England isn’t beating all-comers (though no one complains when AN English Sprinter fails to be beat Usain Bolt over 100 metres.)

Not sure why this is. Because we invented football, because we watch a lot of football, because we pay Premier League footballers a lot of money? Why should that mean the England team are world beaters?

We drink a lot of wine, that doesn’t make us good at growing grapes.



One thought on “Middling England”

  1. The problem is we are used to seeing multinational premier league teams play better football week in week out so sitting through an england game is like watching a mid table championship side – we expect better but know its never going to happen.

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