Video Leads News Corp’s iPad Venture

News Corp and Apple are working on a newspaper for the iPad (or other tablets). There won’t be an online version, and certainly no print. It will be called The Daily, will cost 62p/week, and could launch at the end of November. It will have a US focus and be managed out of New York.

Two bits of future-gazing make the case for The Daily. It is estimated there will be 40m iPad owners by 2011, a 5% penetration would mean 2m sales. Also, research suggests iPad users spend more time ‘immersed’ in an App, rather than the scatty surfing of internet browsers (though this may be because iPads don’t yet have the same amount of distractions).

It is reported The Daily will use more video than a traditional online newspaper (as it should). I’m imagining sports clips, music, film trailers, celebrity interviews, news bulletins – all of which are readily available, waiting for an editor to come along and structure them.

This won’t be a print-killer; it will be a very different beast to print, but it may change the journalism business. More attractive voices and faces, better dress sense. More emphasis on visual stories (crashes, fires, recognisable people). But that shouldn’t mean challenging, investigative stories are doomed: they will be cheaper to distribute and benefit from a long tail.

I like video, but don’t always the time or access to view. Habits change. The iPad provides access, maybe The Daily (and its immitators) will convince users to make time.


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