Marmite, not Vanilla

The Bishop of Willesden has stepped down following his remarks about Prince William’s wedding. Among other things, he said the Royal Family was “full of philanderers” and that the wedding would cost the public “an arm and a leg”. He reckons the marriage will last seven years.

Uncharitable, certainly, but the first two remarks are hard to disprove and the third is a statistical average.

Last week Lord Young resigned from the Government after saying many mortgage payers had never had it so good, due to record low interest rates. Again, he was spot on, but a little tactless given the coming impact of public sector spending cuts.

I suspect this pair won’t be the last to be forced out of office after saying something some people find unpalatable. But I think a backlash is building. It is impossible to please everybody all of the time, and I don’t think a sizeable chunk of the public want bland all the time. The alternative is more people stepping down over the slightest of slights.

Flavour is good.


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