Best of the Week: Film Mash, Mairie House, Music Scene, Clegg Promises & Pimp My Pram

Filmography 2010: 270 films, one 6-minute mash-up, and a brilliant job application from Genrocks. Nice work.

Four beds & half an acre for £110k: ‘This renovated house on a ½ acre plot, used to be the Mairie. It is situated in a very pretty village, just 5 minutes’ walk to the wildlife haven of the canals of the Venise Verte. The house is in good condition and has 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, large living room, kitchen, study, wine cellar, convertible attics and garage.’ And 50 minutes to Vendee coast.

NewsOnion: ‘After a challenging year in which he has been accused of breaking every single promise that he has made, Nick Clegg has pledged that he will definitely not be making any New Year resolutions – or, if he does, he won’t tell anyone about them.’ Daily goodness.

ManchesterSceneWipe: Manchester music scene, filmed. La Blogotheque without the acutes, graves, circumflex, diaeresis and cedilla.

Wagalum: ‘Headlights for prams’. This kind of stuff is now pressing my buttons.


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