Weather, Bad. Excuse, Worse

HMV Group, parent of Waterstones and HMV, blames poor Christmas trading on the bad weather. That is balls.

Whatever the weather, the answer is to the question ‘why does HMV suck? is ‘Amazon’*. At least a third cheaper, considerably quicker, more choice and a less stressful shopping experience than risking the Deansgate (for books) or Market Street branches (for CDs) anytime during December, why go anywhere else.

Note to HMV, there will be weather next Christmas, weather the following year, and weather the year after that. There’s a risk it may be bad weather. If you’re still in business, maybe think about sales channels that won’t be hampered by icy pavements. Or be John Lewis. Or come up with a better excuse.

*Other online retailers are available.

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