Flat Service

I like the Michel Roux TV character. He comes across as intelligent, kind and no more sentimental than necessary. I’d like to have him round the dinner; I’d like to have him cook my dinner.

But his new show is another example of TV producers dragging the life out of a product. It’s straining my goodwill.

Michel Roux’s Service takes eight photogenic young people and attempts to transform them into great waiters. Along the way viewers will see them pick up glasses incorrectly, be confused by the wine list, and, possibly, spill something. Who gives?

Mary Portas is on 4, disguised as Myra Hindley, secret shopping poor service on the High Street. In the first episode she picks on a cheap fast-fashion retailer. Episode 2 promises to show conclusive proof of a bear shitting in the woods.

Both concepts revel in showing the botches while aspiring to take viewers (and participants) on a journey. This might work for some topics, but I’m struggling to care much about lousy service. The risk-reward is too small.

Better to teach us how to complain politely and effectively.


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