Tough, Tough Guy

Got my Tough Guy medal. Finished faster than some, slower than plenty, but I finished. Just in front of a guy wearing a bra & suspenders; spent the next hour shivering, delirious and close to tears.

The first two hours was fine, but the last half hour – from the electric shocks in the pitch-black tunnels, and getting dramatically worse after the ice water dunking – was hell. Could barely stop shaking. I will never do Tough Guy again.

Brilliant day, though. Chapeau to the organisers and everyone that helped on the day; major respect to the two guys dressed as gimps, the Stormtrooper, Tigger, Girl off Kick Ass, the 5 Apaches, various Spartans and the two blokes dressed in their Sunday best. Early pictures can be found here, here and here.

For latecomers, donations to my Just Giving page can be made here.

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