Domino Effect

The brainchild of Seth Godin and powered by Amazon, the Domino Project will have publishers watching. Godin has intellectual influence, Amazon has changed business models.

Its objectives, the ‘core beliefs’, in the words of the DP evangelists, can be found here. The key phrases are virality first, format agnostic and a variety of prices and products. What this means is that Kindle versions will be cheaper than hardback (and available at launch), there may be a pricier collector’s version of the physical copy (customers will pay for the interior design benefits of a good looking book shelf), and bulk-buy options (five or 52). And more.

Individually, none of this is particularly new. What is different, and what could change the game, is the fact all these devices will be built-in at launch, not added extras drizzled on at a later date. They won’t be gimmicks.

This will impact all content publishers, requiring multiple versions, reformatted to suit different customers from the get-go. The trick will be figuring out production costs and setting a commercial pricing structure. Good luck with that.

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