Good, Bad, Never Ugly: The Daily, Reviewed

1. ‘First, let me state that we just saw a sea change in journalism as its practiced online. Murdoch’s deep pockets have pushed through something publishers have tried to do for about two years now – namely create a compelling, interactive news source for tablet users.’ TechCrunch.

2. ‘The story choice so far seems to assume little interest in longer reads; a few stories of two or three pages are rounded out by a collection of briefs and graphics. That said, the real test will be how compelling The Daily is when I pick it up first thing in the morning, rather than at noon when it’s already behind the news cycle.’ Time.

3. ‘There are many, many photos of runway models, trophy wives and starlets. An article about insurers using astrological signs to track who has the most traffic accidents would seem fluffy if it weren’t also true — and fascinating.’ The Wrap.

4. ‘It is flat, dull and lacks a sense of personality and fun. To quote that other newspaper legend – William Randolph Hearst – there wasn’t a ‘fuck me Marther’ to be found amongst the articles. All the ‘wow’ was in the design.’ The Drum.

5. ‘Would I buy it? The answer is probably yes, because the price is so low that it’s almost nothing. But whether the Daily is good enough to convince the hundreds of thousands of subscribers it needs to break even is another matter.’ The Guardian.



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