Guest Editors & Expert Amateurs

Disclosure: I haven’t see The Daily, nor do I own an iPad. But I’ve seen the run-throughs, read the reviews and understand the workings of Apple’s tablet.

I like the idea of The Daily: grouping various rich-content in a suitable format, and charging a low subscription, just not sure if the editing duties need to be handed to one man/team. Can’t News Corp throw open its material and invite anyone to edit?

Multiple guest editors can bring their own take on the magazine’s daily content; customers choose which version they want. They don’t need to be industry hacks; indeed, it might be better if they were expert amateurs. It’s what curators such as Kottke and Umbrella’s Brolly Brief already do, with their own style and following.

The model is not unique. News Corp, and others, could work with guest editors in the same way a midmarket clothing retailer commissions a capsule range from a high-end designer. And charge appropriately.

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