Cojones on Barlow

Inflation’s up, jobless figures are up, interest rates are soon to go up, and consumer confidence is low low low. And still people throw themselves into new business ventures.

The parade on Barlow Moor Road, opposite Chorlton bus station, is to get another new restaurant, a Spanish place, opening ‘2011’ (it’s February, full marks for leaving themselves some flexibility on exact dates). This 100m strip already includes  Persian, Italian and Japanese eateries, with Indian and Chinese over the road. A shisha caff opened last year, just missing Ramadan and the Eid ul-Fitr holidays.

They must have some cojones.

Why do they do it? The chances of success aren’t great. Last year, the rate of weekly pub closures was 39, better than the 52 per week in 2009. Chorlton is already heaving with food & drink options; Dulcimer, Charango (formerly Ostara), Argyles and Orlando’s are closed or wobbly.

But I’m sure the owners already knew that. They must have had queues of people telling them they were mad. The upside is, they might not make the same mistakes as some of the failures and there is invaluable merit in working for yourself. Plus, in an age of uncertainty, how certain is anyone’s job.

Good luck to them. Buena suerte.


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