Start The Week

1. Jonny Depp as Tonto. Or, should a white guy play a Native American? By Mark Lawson in The Guardian.

2. Michael Lewis has covered the meltdowns in Greece and Iceland for Vanity Fair. Next up: Ireland and a financial balls-up “created by the sort of men who ignore their wives’ suggestions that maybe they should stop and ask for directions”. Another of his great one-liners: “Left alone in a dark room with a pile of money, the Irish decided what they really wanted to do with it was to buy Ireland. From one another.”

3. Not a chef’s DreamSchool, but ‘Bill Gates’ Favourite Teacher’. Fast Company on the very real Sal Khan.

4. Inc’s ’10 Most Promising Franchises of 2011′, including tweaks on gyms, spas, food, office cleaning and home decluttering.

5. Porsche makes 1 million Facebook fans, creates a special 911 GT3 R Hybrid to say thank you (pic, above). Nice bridge from on- to offline. Microsite here, PSFK report here.







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