Kiddie Rocker

One minute of rocking, some flashing lights, possibly a steering wheel/helm, music, a little honking. Worth 50p a go?

There are three such Kiddie Rocking machines within 200m in Chorlton, all stood silent as of 1.30pm on a Tuesday. Morrisons and the Post Office have one each (the latter, Postman Pat, obviously), so you’d imagine they’re earning their keep, though I suspect it’s a pretty tight target demographic. Adult Rocking hasn’t caught on.

You can buy your own for around £200, via Alibaba. One Chinese supplier claims to have 600 model options, including Big Mouth Bird, Little Squirrel (aren’t they all?), Rocking Fighter and Baby Car. Excellent.

Gap in market? Branded sports teams (choice of Tevez or Rooney for Mancs), or an opportunity for Madame Tussauds to extend their lookie-likey business.


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