Paint Your Bingo Hall

Longford Cinema/Stretford Essoldo/Rank Bingo. Or the unpainted Art Deco hulk opposite Streford Mall on Chester Road. It’s been closed since 1995.

It’s a Grade II listed building and was partly replastered last year, but its future is uncertain. There is talk of it being put to community use, though that could be a ruse to whip up some Trafford Big Society cash.

This fan site has loads more (including interior pics).

My suggestion: charge a leading paint brand peppercorn rent for the unpainted South side, a one-year deal. Have them repaint it each week (club colours of visitors to Old Trafford could be used), create a Flickr group for amateur photographers, produce ‘Making Of’ videos, set up a dedicated website, visitors vote/comment on the colour scheme (& suggest their own), involve different community groups in the painting of, involve the usual social media bells & whistles.

Engage the local community, raise awareness, use the online publicity to generate dialogue as to what happens next. And the paint brand gets a year’s worth of content, possibly creating a new Essoldo range of Art Deco-inspired colours.


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