FA Cup Suggestions

The Cricket World Cup is coming to an end. Four years ago, in the West Indies, it was slated as dull and drawn out; this time, the verdict so far is more positive. Other than moving to the  knockout stage a little earlier, not much has changed. Fuller stadiums, passionate fans and a few close games seem have done the trick. But that could all change given a one-sided, India-free final.

The FA Cup is in a similar position, and is undergoing review. Attendances are down and it’s slipped from must-see to might-see. Unlike the Cricket World Cup, it has continuous competition from domestic, European and international football. One good year won’t buck the downward trend. Time for some drastic changes:

  • Lower ranked teams are always given home field advantage
  • In event of a draw, penalties to decide venue of the replay
  • In event of a drawn replay, teams are reduced by one man for extra time. Opposing managers decide which man to take off. Teams reduced by a further man for second period of extra time. Then penalties
  • Match ticket prices are same as price of admission to a local cinema
  • Away fans are offered 20% of the ground
  • Clubs can sell shirt sponsorship for each match, separate to their League sponsorship deal
  • Semi-finals played at nearby neutral ground – no schlepping down to Wembley for northern teams
  • Final to include Superbowl-style half-time show; pre-match to include penalty taking/Total Wipeout-style competition for one supporter from each of the last 64 teams, with £1m prize for winner
  • For the final, the goal is 10% larger than standard; goal-line technology is used and managers are allowed to challenge a maximum of 3 decisions with instant in-game video review

The FA have these, gratis.



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