Fletcher Moss, 9am

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Great light, beautiful colour through Fletcher Moss gardens this morning. And left with two tables, ‘Free to a Good Home’. Ours will have to do.


Scenes From Today’s Ride

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In the ears: Happy House, The Juan Maclean; Hercules Theme, Hercules & Love Affair; Lights Out, Santogold; House Jam, Gang Gang Dance; Constructive Summer, The Hold Steady; In The New Year, The Walkmen; No Matter What, T.I; M79, Vampire Weekend (from Pitchfork Presents, The Best of 2008)

I Love You, Baby

I have resisted writing about my partner’s pregnancy, and the imminent arrival of our first child. Today, it is two weeks til the due date, and the house is very quiet. And tidy. And uncluttered. The pram is spotless and the baby clothes are folded, immaculately.

I look forward to all that changing. I can’t wait to meet this child.