Resolutions, 2012

In no particular order: score a 30+ break at snooker, swim in the sea (above, 2011), run a marathon, cook something new each week, go see Liverpool away, set up house swap details, write to a national newspaper, try new cordial, drink less bad coffee, eat fewer puddings, score 30+ per round on Tour off whatever given handicap, listen to new podcasts, use audio & video on here, put more pictures on walls, beat Gav at tennis over best of three sets, sell old clothes on eBay, give stuff to charity, go new places with Mel.


Podcast Recommendations

Stuff I have enjoyed listening to on the drive to work, and back, via the iTrip.

  • Filmspotting. They only review the films they care about, no snide comments, great themed weekly Top 5s. No Mark Kermode shouting & carrying on
  • Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History. Loved the 5-part Rise & Fall of the Roman Republic
  • In Our Time, with Melvyn Bragg. Concordant of Worms, Heraclitus, The Moon: dead brainy, but where else would you find this stuff?
  • NPR’s All Songs Considered. Interesting, new music suggestions. The annual ‘best of’ was on this morning, from which Delay Trees’ ‘Gold’ (above) was taken
  • History Extra, from the BBC. Solid, eclectic