Podcast Recommendations

Stuff I have enjoyed listening to on the drive to work, and back, via the iTrip.

  • Filmspotting. They only review the films they care about, no snide comments, great themed weekly Top 5s. No Mark Kermode shouting & carrying on
  • Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History. Loved the 5-part Rise & Fall of the Roman Republic
  • In Our Time, with Melvyn Bragg. Concordant of Worms, Heraclitus, The Moon: dead brainy, but where else would you find this stuff?
  • NPR’s All Songs Considered. Interesting, new music suggestions. The annual ‘best of’ was on this morning, from which Delay Trees’ ‘Gold’ (above) was taken
  • History Extra, from the BBC. Solid, eclectic

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