Kip Flighty: a Conference Idea for Manchester


An annual three-day ideas camp featuring 50 bright-but-normal people, in Manchester, name of Kip Flighty. Mornings spent coming up with practical solutions to local problems. No formal lunch, but food supplied. Afternoon spent presenting their solutions to local school children. All guests live together, eat together over the three days. No hotels, no limos.

The 50 Guests come from design, public sector, retail, sport, tourism, etc. They come from around the UK. Not the usual suspects, not necessarily famous, but influential. Chosen by a panel of locals.

The 50 Guests attend for free, they make their own way to Manchester. They are invited to attend. They receive a Willy Wonka-style Golden Ticket to attend, with some details on the website.

There will be five ‘problems’ each day, with Guests split into five groups of 10. Each group will present in the afternoon. Start at 9am, present at 3pm. 15 problems in total.

Over the three days, guests are shown the the best of Manchester (food, drink, music, art, fashion, design). Lunch is supplied by local firms.

House the 50 Guests in an empty office block (Spinningfields?), accommodated in dorms, bunkbeds. Nothing fancy.

Each guest must present a 10-minute intro on a theme of their choice; the sessions are videod; these are loaded to the site. Free to view, TED-style.

Each guest will be a social media user: event rides off the back of their mentions, with its own #

There is a speaker night, with a mystery guest presenting to the guests, plus invited group of locals (like the old Interbrand Utopian Nights)

Produce an online magazine (via Issuu) and a MagCloud-available print version. These include the problem/solution.

Work with schools to encourage them to run groups to solve problems, suggest incentives for children to attend presentations. 100 children at each afternoon.

That is all.


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